transformation Ch 06

“If two of you are completely finished I was hoping you both to dinner at the Hyatt,” said Mike holds two large towels, “so get your butts in and altered, best dressed.” He did not want to keep the interior more soaked then I’m sure it’s that they both took off before taking towels. I could not help but notice how much Mike got there both stands.

Getting out of the shower, I saw a short black dress with matching shoes and g-string sitting on my bed. A few minutes later, Tiffany came when I gave the hair to one of the fast pigtails showed me. “Nice choice,” she said, indicating the clothes, “Mike will love it.”

“I did not choose clothes,” I said, eyes growing on a Europe-wide implications, “it was on the bed when I got out of the shower. Thought I chose it.” Tiffany smiled and shook her head. Oh beautiful, as if my life did not have enough problems; Devin apparently I really like Mike wants to see me in a little black dress of your choice, and I’m pretty sure I’m falling for Tiffany. Fuck me.

Slipping into garments Mike picked out for me Tiffany did my make-up before letting me see myself in the mirror. He turned around, I was impressed by what I saw, dress hugging her curves and showed off every asset I have. Barely reached mid-thigh with a deep scoop in the front, I did not understand why Mike chose this dress. Slip on shoes I could not believe the difference they made on my feet, I also could not believe that I really was so happy how well I looked. I realized that when I usually have to think about things from the perspective of a guy more often the opposite was true. “So what do you think,” said Tiffany breaking me out of my reverie.

“No,” I said, turning my ass, “I’d fuck me hard.” He leaned into my closet, I grabbed a small purse for my ID and phone before helping Tiffany to finish getting ready. Finally, we are ready to go into the kitchen and saw that Mike had changed into a suit. Turning, I do not think he was quite ready for the vision before him like a Tiffany dress was almost identical to mine. “Mike,” I said after a minute, “we go or do you want to stand there like a fish out of water throughout the night? Someone promised me a Hyatt.” Really looked like a fish; His mouth was open just a little opening and closing.

Mike borrowed a car from a friend of his and we all got into the shiny red mustang. Tiffany I insisted on sitting in the front that slid into the back seat. I quickly realized that climbing in and out of the car it will be a challenge with dresses, shorts as I was, but her leadership, I managed to get inside the drive was uneventful, but I notice Mike is still looking to fly to feet . Looking down, I suddenly realized the constant pulling girls do you see on your dress just sitting in the car it worked its way down almost to my crotch. He quickly pulled it out I heard Tiffany laugh from the back seat, “Get used to it.”

Pulling the parking Valet I enjoyed the look of a Tiffany and I came out of the car. As Mike walked around each of us took my hand and we both add little to sway our hips we entered the hotel. Crossing the lobby to the elevators I felt every eye in the room for us. The sensation was intoxicating, knowing that everyone in the room wanted to be Mike and every woman wants to be us. Finally achieving lifts I leaned into the mike as Tiffany did the same, he felt his hand rest on my ass, I started getting wet knew that Tiffany is doing the same thing.

When the elevator finally opened, we stepped aside as an attractive older couple got out. Looking at us, we were surprised when the woman leaned forward, “rock your world ladies,” she said before kissing her husband on the cheek. We barely managed to keep control, but as soon as the elevator began to move he burst out laughing.

After a few moments, we got ourselves when Mike suddenly pulled us both against him, both of us kept firmly on the ass, “So are you ladies rock my world,” he said. Making rapid eye contact Tiffany and I leaned forward and began to nibble on her neck while I stroked his penis through his pants. Feeling lift slowly to a stop, we continued to irritate even after the doors opened, before we both got out leaving Mike stood there in a daze.

I knew he was going to pay for it, but I could not resist. He glanced over his shoulder, I looked at Mike is still there. “Mike I’m hungry, Cumming again,” I asked connotation obvious to anyone who saw him. Judging by the look on his face as he stepped out of the elevator’m definitely going to pay, but it was oh so worth it.

As Mike went to secure our table, I found myself staring at the Phoenix skyline. I have always loved this restaurant as it sits on one of the tallest buildings in the city and slowly rotates when you eat that you view the whole panorama. Finally, is escorted to the table that I’m glad to have painted since my last visit and now had a small booth facing windows instead of traditional tables and four seats. We Mike Slipping in between us and asked for a few minutes to decide on drinks. “Ladies, which was very bad,” said Mike, “exciting, but evil.”

“Yes, it was,” I reached down into my lap, so I could run your fingers through his penis, “but it’s a great kind of evil. Do not think it Tiffany?”

“What, oh yes definitely superior kind of evil,” she apparently distracted by something. I could not figure out what to disturb her until our waitress Nikki came; tall, light brown hair, brown eyes, and Tiffany could not take my eyes off her. As we placed our order, I could see the subtle flirtation start and felt a pit in my stomach open. I know that I do not qualify for Tiffany, so why not see her flirting hurt so much?

“Sarah,” said Mike, his hand resting on me, “Is everything okay? Look sad all at once.” I was sad? Here I thought I was falling for Tiffany and I never thought that it probably was not even interested in me like that. Should be a great friend, yes, but the fact that I take up all my time I stop her from living her own life. I could not do it when I said that I would make sure it did not hurt I meant it. Even if it means protecting her from me.

“Oh no, I’m fine,” I said gently rub your fingers on hand, “just regret the time I came here before. Thank you for asking though.” If I wanted to let Tiffany go and live your own life and then I have to find something to get my mind away from it. There was still the problem of regulation is to be addressed, but I did not think that Tiffany was the type of person to abuse it.

He leaned closer and whispered in my ear, his breath sending shivers down my spine and sharp to my pussy Mike said: “If there is anything I can do to put a smile on your face, or perhaps pull moan from your lips, let me know. “While he spoke, his fingers gently moves up and down, thighs and I could not help but open legs slightly. “You look incredible tonight,” he said, placing small kisses along her neck. I was more than willing to let him continue, but our drinks and appetizers arrived.

As we enjoyed our appetizers, I realized for the first time a conversation between Tiffany and it seemed I was tense. I really did not know what to say, so I excused myself for a minute. “Do you need me to go with you,” Tiffany said, her tone sounded worried. I’ve got her to go with me, nor did I want to come with me. I really suffocating her that much? She shook her head, I went out and went to the restaurant maitre’d.

“I need two rooms for the evening, preferably opposite each other, not next to,” I gave him my credit card, “and if you should make sure that Nikki brings key to my desk. Also, be sure to charge the meal to my room including a decent tip.’d hate to Nikki feel short changed. “He blinked a few times and then told me that it would bring out the keys briefly. “On the other hand,” I said, “to bring her to the desert, a more appropriate way.” I was willing to let Tiffany go, but that does not mean I wanted to hear her in the throes of passion. I would deal Saturday on Saturday, no reason to focus on it yet.

Taking a few minutes to pull together, I headed back to the table, but not before going to the toilet and when my panties. I timed it just as our food was being placed on the table, and of course there chatting up Nikki Tiffany. “Sarah,” said Tiffany, “is everything okay?”

“Of course,” I said, plastering a smile on his face, “This place just brings back a lot of memories for me. Used here with my mother from time to time.” Slipping back into place, I waited Tiffany was distracted by Nikki my pants from falling on the table. I was amazed at how quickly Mike moved to steal them from the table. He leaned closer and repeated his move from before I kissed the side of her neck whispering in his ear: “I do not intend to those who need it tonight.” Scooting close to him, I started working on my food.

Looking at my food, I decided to have some fun while I ate. Take a couple of minutes, I cut everything on my plate to bite sized pieces that would allow me to be able to eat with only one hand. He reached under the table I set my hand on Mike’s thigh when I started to slowly chew their food. The more I ate my hand went higher, until I rested directly on his penis again. Tiffany did not even notice or care what I was doing when I unzipped his pants and slid his hand inside. I was glad to find that there was no underwear in my way and wrapped my hand around his now rock hard cock.

I know what Mike thought I was going to do, but he was wrong. I had something much more frustrating in mind. Leaving my hand wrapped around him, I continued to eat without moving my hand. I felt his cock pulsing under my arm and I could tell his frustration grew. “Sarah, what are you doing,” asked Mike for a few minutes.

“Just the fact that you are ready for what comes next,” I said, when our plates were cleared from the table and Nikki our dessert order. “I have a surprise for you, and I think you might want to skip dessert.” Zipping it back I saw Nikki comes to the table carrying a dessert with a puzzled expression on his face.

“I was asked to give it to you when dessert was served,” Nikki said, handing me a break packets. When she began establishing a dessert I could see the look on Mike’s face when he realized what he handed me.

“Mike, why do not you wait for me at the elevator and I’ll be there,” I said to Mike handed him a package. Climbing out so he could move quickly headed for the elevators. Tiffany sat there with a puzzled look on his face, but I needed to do in order to get my life back. “There’s Tiffany,” I said, handing her another package, “I got a room for you and Nikki and Mike and I would not disturb you.” I could not really read the expression on her face, but I would not worry about it, it was the right thing to do. Heading to the elevator, I saw Mike holds one open as I approached.

“Where is Tiffany,” he said, when the door closed. I was throwing at him, I wrapped my legs around his waist and started kissing his neck.

“You really want to talk about it right now,” I whispered in his ear, “except that it is taken care of. Was given to me and Nikki room as well. If you do not want me to myself.” Its almost feral growl answered my question. As we were only a few floors down, the door opened and Mike quickly took me down the hall. Holding me with one hand while reaching for the reader than the little green light came on and made his way inside

Closing the door I was even surprised at what Mike has done more. Pushing me, so my back to the door, I felt fumble with his zipper for a while before I felt his penis pressure on me. I was soaking wet from playing with him at dinner, so it did not take but a few strokes than the bottom inside of me. “Fuck me, Mike,” I said, my arms wrapped around his neck as he drove hard into my pussy, “fuck me like your little whore.” He pulled me away from the door carried me to bed before lifting me his penis and me falling.

“What little whore,” he took off my clothes, “Okay, get on your knees and suck my cock.” Jumping out of bed, I knelt down and swallowed his penis in my mouth. Wasting no time, I immediately started sucking him hard, my tongue swirling around his penis. In a few moments I sucked my own juices off him, and was now just a taste of his delicious penis. Settling back on my knees I stared at him as I slid my mouth up and down his penis pushing him in the neck. His moans from my hard suction with slow music to my ears.

“Sara,” said Mike to pick me up and set me on the bed, “this is not how I want it. Lie to me, please,” I was in the middle of a queen sized bed uncertain as to what exactly he wanted from me. “Where did you get that ankle bracelet?” he said, “I do not think I’ve ever seen wear that before.”

I did not want to talk about it. I did not want to talk about anything. The only thing I wanted right now was for him to use me as a toy and fuck the hell out of me. I did not want to think about what I gave, but it was clear that he would not do anything else until I answer. “Tiffany gave it to me in the hospital this last time,” I told him I really do not want to take on the subject, “Why do you ask?”

“I’ll tell you later,” he said, climbing out of bed. He craned his neck began by placing small kisses and bites along the entire length of the neck, and like every girl I’ve ever been to, I replied. My arms wrapped around his body, pulling him closer. More biting and chewing on my neck more loud moans became, until I felt his finger gently pull on one of my circles. As wet as I was before, I felt flooded pussy as he slowly worked lower. On my ride frenzy with how slow going. Finally reached my boobs a bit and pulled at them for long minutes, and when I felt his fingers sink inside me that was enough. Wrapping her fingers in his hair, I held him tightly against my chest as he rubbed his fingers inside me. Convulsions missiles over me, endorphins remove my conscious thought. I’m not sure how long I held there, but it felt like an hour in heaven before I finally started to go down.

Pull your fingers out of my pussy, I sucked and licked it like crazy when pushed into his mouth. When I was distracted by my own sweet taste surprised me when he started to tongue my belly button. I’m sure there are some women; fuck you Michelle, having your belly button as erogenous zones. I’m not one of them. When his tongue began to examine my belly button I could not help but be doubled, to try and stop him was so ticklish. “Mike, Mike, please stop,” I said between my peals of laughter. Despite my pleas went on for several minutes, he was just too strong for me to stop.

“That’s better,” he said, laughing, when I finally relaxed, “you were so grumpy all night. I like it better when you smile like you two were fighting over water.” Fight water seemed like it was ages ago but it’s only a few hours. “And now,” he said, “I was headed somewhere you found my tongue so funny.” Establishment between the legs of my hands immediately wrapped in his hair pulling his face into my pussy. Again, he kept his movements slow, and even when I tried to grind against him. Pulling his hands from his hair clipped my wrists to the bed, forcing me to endure the slow tempo.

His tongue began to slowly explore the folds of my pussy, moving on one side and down the other. It felt like the sky and began to pillage their innermost depths soundings and threw her arms around. He realized that he would never meet the pace I wanted I began to slowly roll the hips. “It’s better to Sara,” he lifted drag his tongue over my clit induces a strong response, “everything is going to be nice and slow this time.” “This time ‘, now it was the words I wanted to hear. Releasing the wrist he used his fingers stretched me which allowed him to achieve even more.

Wrapping her fingers through his hair again, I still have there place for them to go. I did not want him to fight anymore; I just wanted to make something inside me. “Oh yes,” I cried out, dropped his head and fingers digging into the sheets, because I felt his fingers pushing into me as his tongue out slow circles around my clitoris. How he was able to continue at this pace was slow for me, his fingers moving in and out. I felt the pressure building as his technique began to me. Higher took me, brought me closer to my peak slowly seemed to go. Oh orgasm happens, nothing can stop it now, but he seemed determined to pull inevitable explosion as long as possible.

Sweaty I felt my orgasm ready to break me, but I was just running along the ragged edge, teetering, but not at the end. I do not know how long I held there, but eventually it be too much for me. “Mike, please,” I begged, “I’m kidding.”

“Please, what Sarah,” was his reply as his tongue out slow lazy circles around my clitoris, “This cat is so tasty and delicious I could stay here all night. Entire night Sara,” he said.

So what do you want me to do? “

“Mike,” I said as tears started running down my face out of frustration, “please let me cum., God, please.” He never responded to my prayers, but I felt, how to move around and soon began to push his fingers into my ass. “Oh shit, oh shit,” I screamed as his mouth closed over my clit and began to suck and bite on it. My entire body was on autopilot as I thrashed around on the bed and then Mike had to resign his fingers to pin my passport to bed.

Finally, under the control of Mike began to fuck me with his tongue when he got up to snag one of my piercings. Sudden added stimulation was more than I could handle, and it was then that something unexpected happened. My fluid flows have been plenty of time I felt what I could only describe as a rush of something from my pussy. It almost felt like I was peeing, but I knew that it was not so when I heard a splash on Mike’s face. Oh beautiful Gandalf decided I should be Squirter.

Mike spent the next few minutes, just gently examined and tasting me lick every drop before he finally lifted his head. “Well, it was certainly different,” he said, and started kissing his way up my body, “I’ve never been with a woman who’s done it before.”

“Oh, believe me, it was new to me,” I said, as his tongue began to circle around my nipples, “I had no idea that would happen. Damn, it feels so good.” He continued to lick and suck my nipples crossing from one to the other and back. I was still amazed at how sensitive my nipples were really. My hands grabbed his head and back, how to suck on my chest. I could not believe how good was that I feel to do everything so slowly. What are you doing to me?

Kissing his way up to his neck, his lips are like fire against my skin, so soft and gentle. His smell filled my nose with a delicious musky smell that seemed to emanate from his every pore. My fingers slid over his skin, a thin layer of sweat adds to everything our scent mixed. I could feel his hardness pressing against me, but as with everything else seemed to be in no hurry to join me.


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