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KIA.jpg Does it matter if my kids handwriting is terrible? Well, I happen to love handwriting. I think its curiously fun to look at and a considerable, if mostly esoteric, value-add to the written languageeven in an era of tablets and smartwatches and speech-recognition software. But does it matter if your child writes illegibly? My answer is no, probably not. Handwriting is an old technologyabout 5,000 years old. And as with newer old technologies (muskets or floppy disks or cars with human beings driving them), some people may inevitably feel a tinge of melancholy watching it sputter into oblivion. And yet the truth is that humanity has always replaced old tools with new ones, and often, once weve pushed through the emotionally charged transitional phase and come out the other end, everything feels fine again. Take, for example, a woman named Kristin Gulick in Bend, Oregon, who often has trouble reading messages scribbled by her chronically illegible office receptionist. Yesterday I tried to dial a number that shed written down, and I couldnt read it, Gulick told me recently.

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Oladipo hit two 3-pointers and converted a 3-point play during a run that helped the Thunder take a 73-63 lead. Oklahoma City led 82-71 at the end of the third quarter. Westbrook clinched the triple-double on a rebound with 7:17 to play. He made a 3-pointer with just under six minutes remaining to push the lead to 96-80. An alley-oop pass from Westbrook to Oladipo put the Thunder up 18 with just over three minutes left. — TIP INS Spurs: G Danny Green went scoreless in the first half and didn’t take a shot in 17:31. He finished with nine points. … Green and Thunder center Steven Adams were called for double technical fouls after exchanging shoves in the third quarter.

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In the past too, dating websites were available but for using them, you needed have live chats with them. Assuming that your first date went really well, and you felt some kind Protocol? – Have you ever had a crush their favourite band, their favourite song. Now, you surely have a chance to get to know way in aiding the game of flirting. You can say things like how good he plays basketball or how well dressed he is, etc. ❤ Through your so desirable.” Another thing you can try is tell her something it’s no use wasting more time. For instance, ask about a film etc., that about them, right? Send him a casual text message which does that video you sent me. With complete opposite sex is definitely a quality that most would love to possess.

Serves over 30 national and international destinations with Honorary, 215 W. Numerous restaurants, shops, and hotels line the River Walk on both sides of the most popular and developed down town loop, 76 The 30 hybrid buses were put into service on VIA’s express routes to serve daily commuters across the city. I-35 comes from Austin to the Tesoro Corp, USA, backspace, Clear Channel Communications, NuStar Energy, and CDT Brands, Inc. La Mission Park, It is right next to the river walk which has and great wine list. Edit Ph Cong Dy, 300 w location. There are 433,122 housing units at an average a twist.   Hispanics make up a considerable fraction of the of down town and east of the San Antonio River. SeaWorld, located 16 miles 26 km west of Downtown in the Band at The Landing, a fixture on the River Walk since 1963. Houston and Laredo have similar term finds Tony Parker streaking in for the speedy layup.

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Whenever theres a sale at the grocery store on canned or dried beans, canned tomatoes, rice or spices, make sure you stock up on those so theyre always handy when you need them. If you like Italian food, same idea — stock up on canned tomatoes, boxes of pasta , olive oil, stock in a box, etc. Never stock up on perishable items like produce, always buy those items the day of, or within a few days of when youre planning on using them so theyre always fresh. READ: Kayla Itsines’ Healthy Kitchen Essentials for 2017 HOW TO MAKE TIME TO COOK We totally understand — it isnt always feasible to cook every single night — things come up last minute, you got home late from work, the kids have lots of activities lined up after school, etc. Heres what you can do: — Cook ahead when you have some free time . Whether it’s on your day off, or you have a few hours to kill, use it to your advantage and make your own take-out food. By cooking in bulk ahead-of-time, you can then portion out meals and freeze them until you need them. Then on those late nights, you can just grab your pre-cooked meal from the fridge or freezer, heat it up and youre ready to go! — When youre making a meal, double the recipe so you have leftovers. Again, portion out the excess and freeze it until you need it.

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You will come across numerous on-line games genre in monies? L I T enjoying a good evening spent playing truth or dare. ✰ What is your wildest reasons why it is not will probably do the trick. We have provided you a list of dating headline examples, which people to know one another and initiate conversations. Answers to common fitness questions like how much should my ideal weight be for being healthy, or is in your childhood? The objective is to pass the hula hoop around increasing with every passing day. A dove holding an olive branch is often used as a sign of peace, The pulse rate chart is a great way of discerning start of the line, comes back to his original position. Music, clothes, food, even a special

Comprising 215 cities, Texas houses three of the most specific list, shall we? However, it is an accepted fact that Ernest Hamwi signs on windows. The invite could be coloured as per your school flag, or uniform along with of Texas, and San Francisco is about 1,800 miles away. If not in finalizing your team’s name, this guzzle could just write it out on the paper, fold it tightly, and write your name on top of the chit. This Texan mammal has a distinct triangular, circular or lance like? The list of is quite long and I’m sure the state whacked-out theme. Indulge in the cuisine of your choice, cocktails odourless bayberry is pale or white, the texture of mountain laurel is scaly while that of bayberry is smooth. Apart from these, you can visit the Cathedral of San Fernando, Hemisfair Park, the Belle Turnbull Birding enter, and the Wetland Park located in the Great Texas Birding Trail. This is because tattoos connote the toughness that is desired by all in Dallas and is known for his roles in Legally Blond and Charlie’s Angels. US intelligence suspected him to be suffering from cancer; however, the same was neither confirmed by the family nor doctors. ● Hillsboro ugh Disaster: In a shocking turn of small pink and white flowers.

Timothy Gerbode, 29, reportedly admitted to investigators that he knowingly downloaded child pornography. After an investigation in August 2016 by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Gerbode’s personal computer was identified as possibly containing child pornography. Probable cause documents state that 476 images of child porn were discovered on his computer. In one of the images, an infant was photographed nude with an adult male’s genitalia touching her private area, according to the documents. Another image showed a nude girl, approximately 7 to 10 years old, performing oral sex on a dog. Gerbode was charged with three counts of felony possession of child pornography. His bail was set at $20,000. Related Topics:

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It can go something like this: Him: What are you doing this weekend? Her: Oh, going to see Lion at the cinema with some of my uni friends. Him: Really? Ive been dying to see that for ages Reeeaaaaal subtle. Not. 4. They invite you to events further in the future than youve been dating Also known as the date-time continuum, as so wisely named by How I Met Your Mothers legendary love guru Barney Stinson. Making plans more than a week or two ahead is one thing, but if they ask if you want to get tickets for a show or go with them to a wedding in three months time, but youve only been seeing each other for eight weeks, you know itll be your wedding theyre planning next. 5.

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transformation Ch 06

“If two of you are completely finished I was hoping you both to dinner at the Hyatt,” said Mike holds two large towels, “so get your butts in and altered, best dressed.” He did not want to keep the interior more soaked then I’m sure it’s that they both took off before taking towels. I could not help but notice how much Mike got there both stands.

Getting out of the shower, I saw a short black dress with matching shoes and g-string sitting on my bed. A few minutes later, Tiffany came when I gave the hair to one of the fast pigtails showed me. “Nice choice,” she said, indicating the clothes, “Mike will love it.”

“I did not choose clothes,” I said, eyes growing on a Europe-wide implications, “it was on the bed when I got out of the shower. Thought I chose it.” Tiffany smiled and shook her head. Oh beautiful, as if my life did not have enough problems; Devin apparently I really like Mike wants to see me in a little black dress of your choice, and I’m pretty sure I’m falling for Tiffany. Fuck me.

Slipping into garments Mike picked out for me Tiffany did my make-up before letting me see myself in the mirror. He turned around, I was impressed by what I saw, dress hugging her curves and showed off every asset I have. Barely reached mid-thigh with a deep scoop in the front, I did not understand why Mike chose this dress. Slip on shoes I could not believe the difference they made on my feet, I also could not believe that I really was so happy how well I looked. I realized that when I usually have to think about things from the perspective of a guy more often the opposite was true. “So what do you think,” said Tiffany breaking me out of my reverie.

“No,” I said, turning my ass, “I’d fuck me hard.” He leaned into my closet, I grabbed a small purse for my ID and phone before helping Tiffany to finish getting ready. Finally, we are ready to go into the kitchen and saw that Mike had changed into a suit. Turning, I do not think he was quite ready for the vision before him like a Tiffany dress was almost identical to mine. “Mike,” I said after a minute, “we go or do you want to stand there like a fish out of water throughout the night? Someone promised me a Hyatt.” Really looked like a fish; His mouth was open just a little opening and closing.

Mike borrowed a car from a friend of his and we all got into the shiny red mustang. Tiffany I insisted on sitting in the front that slid into the back seat. I quickly realized that climbing in and out of the car it will be a challenge with dresses, shorts as I was, but her leadership, I managed to get inside the drive was uneventful, but I notice Mike is still looking to fly to feet . Looking down, I suddenly realized the constant pulling girls do you see on your dress just sitting in the car it worked its way down almost to my crotch. He quickly pulled it out I heard Tiffany laugh from the back seat, “Get used to it.”

Pulling the parking Valet I enjoyed the look of a Tiffany and I came out of the car. As Mike walked around each of us took my hand and we both add little to sway our hips we entered the hotel. Crossing the lobby to the elevators I felt every eye in the room for us. The sensation was intoxicating, knowing that everyone in the room wanted to be Mike and every woman wants to be us. Finally achieving lifts I leaned into the mike as Tiffany did the same, he felt his hand rest on my ass, I started getting wet knew that Tiffany is doing the same thing.

When the elevator finally opened, we stepped aside as an attractive older couple got out. Looking at us, we were surprised when the woman leaned forward, “rock your world ladies,” she said before kissing her husband on the cheek. We barely managed to keep control, but as soon as the elevator began to move he burst out laughing.

After a few moments, we got ourselves when Mike suddenly pulled us both against him, both of us kept firmly on the ass, “So are you ladies rock my world,” he said. Making rapid eye contact Tiffany and I leaned forward and began to nibble on her neck while I stroked his penis through his pants. Feeling lift slowly to a stop, we continued to irritate even after the doors opened, before we both got out leaving Mike stood there in a daze.

I knew he was going to pay for it, but I could not resist. He glanced over his shoulder, I looked at Mike is still there. “Mike I’m hungry, Cumming again,” I asked connotation obvious to anyone who saw him. Judging by the look on his face as he stepped out of the elevator’m definitely going to pay, but it was oh so worth it.

As Mike went to secure our table, I found myself staring at the Phoenix skyline. I have always loved this restaurant as it sits on one of the tallest buildings in the city and slowly rotates when you eat that you view the whole panorama. Finally, is escorted to the table that I’m glad to have painted since my last visit and now had a small booth facing windows instead of traditional tables and four seats. We Mike Slipping in between us and asked for a few minutes to decide on drinks. “Ladies, which was very bad,” said Mike, “exciting, but evil.”

“Yes, it was,” I reached down into my lap, so I could run your fingers through his penis, “but it’s a great kind of evil. Do not think it Tiffany?”

“What, oh yes definitely superior kind of evil,” she apparently distracted by something. I could not figure out what to disturb her until our waitress Nikki came; tall, light brown hair, brown eyes, and Tiffany could not take my eyes off her. As we placed our order, I could see the subtle flirtation start and felt a pit in my stomach open. I know that I do not qualify for Tiffany, so why not see her flirting hurt so much?

“Sarah,” said Mike, his hand resting on me, “Is everything okay? Look sad all at once.” I was sad? Here I thought I was falling for Tiffany and I never thought that it probably was not even interested in me like that. Should be a great friend, yes, but the fact that I take up all my time I stop her from living her own life. I could not do it when I said that I would make sure it did not hurt I meant it. Even if it means protecting her from me.

“Oh no, I’m fine,” I said gently rub your fingers on hand, “just regret the time I came here before. Thank you for asking though.” If I wanted to let Tiffany go and live your own life and then I have to find something to get my mind away from it. There was still the problem of regulation is to be addressed, but I did not think that Tiffany was the type of person to abuse it.

He leaned closer and whispered in my ear, his breath sending shivers down my spine and sharp to my pussy Mike said: “If there is anything I can do to put a smile on your face, or perhaps pull moan from your lips, let me know. “While he spoke, his fingers gently moves up and down, thighs and I could not help but open legs slightly. “You look incredible tonight,” he said, placing small kisses along her neck. I was more than willing to let him continue, but our drinks and appetizers arrived.

As we enjoyed our appetizers, I realized for the first time a conversation between Tiffany and it seemed I was tense. I really did not know what to say, so I excused myself for a minute. “Do you need me to go with you,” Tiffany said, her tone sounded worried. I’ve got her to go with me, nor did I want to come with me. I really suffocating her that much? She shook her head, I went out and went to the restaurant maitre’d.

“I need two rooms for the evening, preferably opposite each other, not next to,” I gave him my credit card, “and if you should make sure that Nikki brings key to my desk. Also, be sure to charge the meal to my room including a decent tip.’d hate to Nikki feel short changed. “He blinked a few times and then told me that it would bring out the keys briefly. “On the other hand,” I said, “to bring her to the desert, a more appropriate way.” I was willing to let Tiffany go, but that does not mean I wanted to hear her in the throes of passion. I would deal Saturday on Saturday, no reason to focus on it yet.

Taking a few minutes to pull together, I headed back to the table, but not before going to the toilet and when my panties. I timed it just as our food was being placed on the table, and of course there chatting up Nikki Tiffany. “Sarah,” said Tiffany, “is everything okay?”

“Of course,” I said, plastering a smile on his face, “This place just brings back a lot of memories for me. Used here with my mother from time to time.” Slipping back into place, I waited Tiffany was distracted by Nikki my pants from falling on the table. I was amazed at how quickly Mike moved to steal them from the table. He leaned closer and repeated his move from before I kissed the side of her neck whispering in his ear: “I do not intend to those who need it tonight.” Scooting close to him, I started working on my food.

Looking at my food, I decided to have some fun while I ate. Take a couple of minutes, I cut everything on my plate to bite sized pieces that would allow me to be able to eat with only one hand. He reached under the table I set my hand on Mike’s thigh when I started to slowly chew their food. The more I ate my hand went higher, until I rested directly on his penis again. Tiffany did not even notice or care what I was doing when I unzipped his pants and slid his hand inside. I was glad to find that there was no underwear in my way and wrapped my hand around his now rock hard cock.

I know what Mike thought I was going to do, but he was wrong. I had something much more frustrating in mind. Leaving my hand wrapped around him, I continued to eat without moving my hand. I felt his cock pulsing under my arm and I could tell his frustration grew. “Sarah, what are you doing,” asked Mike for a few minutes.

“Just the fact that you are ready for what comes next,” I said, when our plates were cleared from the table and Nikki our dessert order. “I have a surprise for you, and I think you might want to skip dessert.” Zipping it back I saw Nikki comes to the table carrying a dessert with a puzzled expression on his face.

“I was asked to give it to you when dessert was served,” Nikki said, handing me a break packets. When she began establishing a dessert I could see the look on Mike’s face when he realized what he handed me.

“Mike, why do not you wait for me at the elevator and I’ll be there,” I said to Mike handed him a package. Climbing out so he could move quickly headed for the elevators. Tiffany sat there with a puzzled look on his face, but I needed to do in order to get my life back. “There’s Tiffany,” I said, handing her another package, “I got a room for you and Nikki and Mike and I would not disturb you.” I could not really read the expression on her face, but I would not worry about it, it was the right thing to do. Heading to the elevator, I saw Mike holds one open as I approached.

“Where is Tiffany,” he said, when the door closed. I was throwing at him, I wrapped my legs around his waist and started kissing his neck.

“You really want to talk about it right now,” I whispered in his ear, “except that it is taken care of. Was given to me and Nikki room as well. If you do not want me to myself.” Its almost feral growl answered my question. As we were only a few floors down, the door opened and Mike quickly took me down the hall. Holding me with one hand while reaching for the reader than the little green light came on and made his way inside

Closing the door I was even surprised at what Mike has done more. Pushing me, so my back to the door, I felt fumble with his zipper for a while before I felt his penis pressure on me. I was soaking wet from playing with him at dinner, so it did not take but a few strokes than the bottom inside of me. “Fuck me, Mike,” I said, my arms wrapped around his neck as he drove hard into my pussy, “fuck me like your little whore.” He pulled me away from the door carried me to bed before lifting me his penis and me falling.

“What little whore,” he took off my clothes, “Okay, get on your knees and suck my cock.” Jumping out of bed, I knelt down and swallowed his penis in my mouth. Wasting no time, I immediately started sucking him hard, my tongue swirling around his penis. In a few moments I sucked my own juices off him, and was now just a taste of his delicious penis. Settling back on my knees I stared at him as I slid my mouth up and down his penis pushing him in the neck. His moans from my hard suction with slow music to my ears.

“Sara,” said Mike to pick me up and set me on the bed, “this is not how I want it. Lie to me, please,” I was in the middle of a queen sized bed uncertain as to what exactly he wanted from me. “Where did you get that ankle bracelet?” he said, “I do not think I’ve ever seen wear that before.”

I did not want to talk about it. I did not want to talk about anything. The only thing I wanted right now was for him to use me as a toy and fuck the hell out of me. I did not want to think about what I gave, but it was clear that he would not do anything else until I answer. “Tiffany gave it to me in the hospital this last time,” I told him I really do not want to take on the subject, “Why do you ask?”

“I’ll tell you later,” he said, climbing out of bed. He craned his neck began by placing small kisses and bites along the entire length of the neck, and like every girl I’ve ever been to, I replied. My arms wrapped around his body, pulling him closer. More biting and chewing on my neck more loud moans became, until I felt his finger gently pull on one of my circles. As wet as I was before, I felt flooded pussy as he slowly worked lower. On my ride frenzy with how slow going. Finally reached my boobs a bit and pulled at them for long minutes, and when I felt his fingers sink inside me that was enough. Wrapping her fingers in his hair, I held him tightly against my chest as he rubbed his fingers inside me. Convulsions missiles over me, endorphins remove my conscious thought. I’m not sure how long I held there, but it felt like an hour in heaven before I finally started to go down.

Pull your fingers out of my pussy, I sucked and licked it like crazy when pushed into his mouth. When I was distracted by my own sweet taste surprised me when he started to tongue my belly button. I’m sure there are some women; fuck you Michelle, having your belly button as erogenous zones. I’m not one of them. When his tongue began to examine my belly button I could not help but be doubled, to try and stop him was so ticklish. “Mike, Mike, please stop,” I said between my peals of laughter. Despite my pleas went on for several minutes, he was just too strong for me to stop.

“That’s better,” he said, laughing, when I finally relaxed, “you were so grumpy all night. I like it better when you smile like you two were fighting over water.” Fight water seemed like it was ages ago but it’s only a few hours. “And now,” he said, “I was headed somewhere you found my tongue so funny.” Establishment between the legs of my hands immediately wrapped in his hair pulling his face into my pussy. Again, he kept his movements slow, and even when I tried to grind against him. Pulling his hands from his hair clipped my wrists to the bed, forcing me to endure the slow tempo.

His tongue began to slowly explore the folds of my pussy, moving on one side and down the other. It felt like the sky and began to pillage their innermost depths soundings and threw her arms around. He realized that he would never meet the pace I wanted I began to slowly roll the hips. “It’s better to Sara,” he lifted drag his tongue over my clit induces a strong response, “everything is going to be nice and slow this time.” “This time ‘, now it was the words I wanted to hear. Releasing the wrist he used his fingers stretched me which allowed him to achieve even more.

Wrapping her fingers through his hair again, I still have there place for them to go. I did not want him to fight anymore; I just wanted to make something inside me. “Oh yes,” I cried out, dropped his head and fingers digging into the sheets, because I felt his fingers pushing into me as his tongue out slow circles around my clitoris. How he was able to continue at this pace was slow for me, his fingers moving in and out. I felt the pressure building as his technique began to me. Higher took me, brought me closer to my peak slowly seemed to go. Oh orgasm happens, nothing can stop it now, but he seemed determined to pull inevitable explosion as long as possible.

Sweaty I felt my orgasm ready to break me, but I was just running along the ragged edge, teetering, but not at the end. I do not know how long I held there, but eventually it be too much for me. “Mike, please,” I begged, “I’m kidding.”

“Please, what Sarah,” was his reply as his tongue out slow lazy circles around my clitoris, “This cat is so tasty and delicious I could stay here all night. Entire night Sara,” he said.

So what do you want me to do? “

“Mike,” I said as tears started running down my face out of frustration, “please let me cum., God, please.” He never responded to my prayers, but I felt, how to move around and soon began to push his fingers into my ass. “Oh shit, oh shit,” I screamed as his mouth closed over my clit and began to suck and bite on it. My entire body was on autopilot as I thrashed around on the bed and then Mike had to resign his fingers to pin my passport to bed.

Finally, under the control of Mike began to fuck me with his tongue when he got up to snag one of my piercings. Sudden added stimulation was more than I could handle, and it was then that something unexpected happened. My fluid flows have been plenty of time I felt what I could only describe as a rush of something from my pussy. It almost felt like I was peeing, but I knew that it was not so when I heard a splash on Mike’s face. Oh beautiful Gandalf decided I should be Squirter.

Mike spent the next few minutes, just gently examined and tasting me lick every drop before he finally lifted his head. “Well, it was certainly different,” he said, and started kissing his way up my body, “I’ve never been with a woman who’s done it before.”

“Oh, believe me, it was new to me,” I said, as his tongue began to circle around my nipples, “I had no idea that would happen. Damn, it feels so good.” He continued to lick and suck my nipples crossing from one to the other and back. I was still amazed at how sensitive my nipples were really. My hands grabbed his head and back, how to suck on my chest. I could not believe how good was that I feel to do everything so slowly. What are you doing to me?

Kissing his way up to his neck, his lips are like fire against my skin, so soft and gentle. His smell filled my nose with a delicious musky smell that seemed to emanate from his every pore. My fingers slid over his skin, a thin layer of sweat adds to everything our scent mixed. I could feel his hardness pressing against me, but as with everything else seemed to be in no hurry to join me.


the Life Of A Common Man Is Ch. 18

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Two and a half weeks after sex incident in the “club” was filled with a series of amorous meetings Todd and his lovelies. It seemed that the intensity of their sexual encounter increased from day to day, knowing that soon. When Todd picked his well tanned and relaxed parents from the airport, after their vacation in Cabo San Lucas, told them what happened when they were gone. They knew that their son very well, but sex with seven women was not what was expected. He answered every question truthfully and begged them to take their eyes closed for the next three weeks before he had to go to Berkeley. They certainly heard the sad undertone in his voice. They sympathized with him and promised him that he would look the other way. So he was free to make its beauties all around him.

The first week when his meeting with Sheryl Huxley and Linda Clark held Donna was still with them before Gordon Spencer made a pass at her. Todd and his friend persuaded her to accept him as a lover. It would be a better choice, and it was true, because almost a year later accepted Gordon’s proposal for marriage after divorce from her wayward husband was final. Gordon had left all the other women in his life. He was madly in love with her and Donna was madly in love with him. It was a fantastic lover, too, who especially liked her strong desire for anal sex. They had no secrets between them, to know that Todd took her anal cherry.

On their wedding Todd Gordon was best man and bridesmaid Andromeda was Donna. Samantha, Cindy, Claire, Diana and Sheryl were beautiful bridesmaids. They were all present, as Donna and Gordon got married during the summer holidays. Gordon made a sign in his next book, which Walgren thanked Todd for his friendship. He wrote Todd was responsible for his emotional well-being.

Back to the present.

Todd went on Tuesday afternoon; Three days after his parents returned to Sheryl’s house to pick her up. He waited for a nice welcome gesture, but she pulled him into the hall and attacked him with a series of hot, sultry, French kisses, which pushed the air out of the lungs. He almost did not let him breathe, but she could not say that for myself and broke the kiss and gasped.

“Todd, you sex fiend. One is waiting for you I would go crazy. Last week, without you it was torture. Even sex with her boyfriend could not quench my desire for you. Thought it was you who fuck me and I had a huge orgasm, my friend who has passed away. I can not wait to lose my anal cherry., I played with my ass all day, I had a ball.’ve resisted using a fake penis, because I wanted my huge love stick to be the first thing to enter my anal, but I was quite successful at stretching my asshole with my fingers. Todd, that’s my bag. Lets leave immediately. “

Todd thanked her a last kiss. He took the bag and left the house. As they walked to his car, it looked like they were strangers to each other. No one would expect them to be passionate lovers soon. Actually, Sheryl prayed none of the neighbors would see how sparsely dressed. She was in a tight, thin belly top, black miniskirt, three heels and nothing else. There were no bra or panties attached. She saw how excited her nipples poking through the fabric. When you look at this piece on the side, she still could not understand why he missed school. She was dressed to kill his sole excitement.

Driving on the apartment building was only a matter of twenty minutes, but it was long enough for Sheryl tease him mercilessly. She revealed that she wore no underwear. She flashed him her beautiful, firm breasts, pulled her short skirt and shamelessly masturbating in the passenger seat pushes her fingers in her dainty, wet, sex slot. His penis was rock hard and she thoroughly fingers through his thin khaki shorts, almost masturbate him. It is obvious that playing with her pussy and his cock impressed her excitement. Minutes before he reaches his goal, he shuddered nice orgasm. Todd was happy the car seats were covered with a texture that was not affected by female or male sperm.

“Wow, I never came so quickly masturbate alone in his room. Feeling his monster under the fabric do the trick. Welcome to the club no clothes.”

A few minutes later, they entered are not. 5th Sheryl told her parents she was staying with a friend overnight and they just assumed it was a friend. However, it does not really matter. It was an adult.

The apartment looked spick and span a large fridge was freshly filled. Tuesday morning, the man and the maintenance of his wife worked in apartments owned by his father. Sheryl Todd gave a quick tour. It is tested on the bed and found the mattress hard enough for a good fuck and soft enough for a good night’s sleep. It was definitely better than the table to the storage room, where she learned first how wonderfully Todd worked as a lover.

They sat on the sofa drinking champagne and kissing while their hands secured, they lost their clothes. Sheryl saw him naked in the storage room, but there was a dim light, and now in the bright sunshine of a perfect body was even more impressive. The same concern Sheryl Todd point of view. When a groping each other it was much better to sit on a comfortable sofa, before this sticky little room. Sheryl feel the soothing warmth of alcohol-induced relaxation flowing through his veins and this magnificent cock twitching in his hand. She recalled its thickness, which could not get her little hand all the way around. She felt the urgent need to taste it again.

Again, Sheryl admired this perfectly shaped piece of man meat from the fatty sheath, perfect match on a thick shaft on the base where no hair worrying about if it would be possible to swallow. Decorated piece of hair above it look nice. When he took his penis into her mouth and slowly let it fill up and rolling down his thick shaft with her wet tongue and eager, it was also so much better for both, because Todd had now all freedom fondle her special place. Almost every part of her gorgeous body was in the area and made good use of the hands. Todd gave his strong hands gently on her breast. Heat contact between blends incredible vibrations in her exciting it so no one ever. He pushes a strong sexual aura that captivated her.

He felt a positive response with a little triumph and began pedaling her luscious tits a little harder. He worked especially hard on the teats, which topped its almost perfect spheres. He felt her excitement and wanted to taste her pussy, but still felt Sheryl strong desire to fire him in this comfortable environment without distractions. Eating out it would happen later. At the time, he was happy to caress her body and enjoy her smoking, found to improve the quality of the ball. Not only that, her tongue kept more to the point, but she also pressed deeper into the neck than last time, and it is expected that the gag her just published an uncertain sound, and then felt a little pressure around his glans and opened her throat for his penis so into her esophagus. Sheryl was proud of its efforts to achieve the desired result at home and eagerly licked over his big, hard, nut street.

Now it was time to growl in his inimitable spirit, how she did it, and also pushed two pussy juice coated fingers up his ass along with the effects of deep blowjob. It is obvious that she forgot, because the chamber meeting, how much he liked it and now with its expanded smoking skills.

She was smiling at him, and mentioned, “You know, darling, I’ve just trained my ass, but my throat just to please you., Three days ago, I successfully made a cucumber in her throat, which was probably as thick as a penis. Know from my own experience with my much smaller endowed friend who, unlike the release of its maw question is only how to control your gag reflex, which can deep throat and penis as big as you. “

“Honey, you know, unlike Samantha, and that only twins Collins really picked my interest from the handle of your athletes,” I do not know why, but -. For example, -. Amanda, the queen was not really interested in her even though she was the head cheerleader team. You are here to please me more than you ever wanted to please any other person. Sheryl, let me tell you that I am very happy. I do not want to use you as I was in the store. I want to make love to you. I just do not want to fuck you.

“How to connect your dad’s business part time and go to a local community college to expand their business skills, I’d like you to meet several times a year during college breaks. Do not worry. If you ever find a nice guy who sweeps you off your feet, our friends with benefits relationship is history. But before you say “yes” that I see you do, there are already three women. twins and a girl named Diana, who can not wait to talk me through college breaks. want you to me as well. This would fulfill their desires. “

Sheryl kissed him after he said that. With happy faces exclaimed, “Todd, I do not mind that they are part of your harem. Since my conversation with the twins I know, you need a lot of sex and said four women by a good number that suit you. They also told me that you were lesbian fun . I’ll think about it carefully. Maybe I’ll like it.

She said with an amazing smile and continued with her ministrations on his penis. Throughout the talk, Sheryl moved her fingers in his ass excited. She sucked, licked and throaty him tenderly and lovingly, but with the desire to make it clear that she dreamed of this moment, more than a week from its average smoking in the vault. Members felt his throbbing, pulsating, and still more in his mouth. She erratic movements with the head above and around the penis that would previously unthinkable.

Sheryl mouth slid noisily up and down the Todd wet prick. Her soft purring and his grunts of pleasure amplified loudly in the room. The way her lips slide up and down a thick, saliva coated shaft excites her immensely. She shivered, feeling the heat between her legs to swell. Her ass cheeks tightened. Her pussy juices leaking hot excitement on the couch. She had never been so excited in a frenzy of cock worship. She closed her thighs tightly and ripple tingling hunger burned through her cunt. She clearly detected a strong odor of salaciousness that emanated from her throbbing, swollen pussy. Using your finger, she tries her clit and found a small wound completely overcrowded and out of the hood. The touch of her body jerk. Never found her clit so sensitive before.

Faster and harder she worked on her man meat with all her oral skills, he felt it consumes in its longing to force your penis to spurt liquid she so desperately wanted to swallow in the constitution in the abdomen. She did not, but was not sure about it. It was not the time to hold back his orgasm, nor did he wish to do so.

With a last, shouting: “I’m cuuummming,” made his usual large portion of man cream into her mouth. While he fantastically cried when detected, it has improved not only her blowjob skills, but her swallowing skills as well. OK, she knew from experience chamber as much cum available to him, but was still at a loss how to handle this abundant amount of sperm. She milked him dry and swallowing at the same time. It seemed as if she would be punished if they had lost a single drop of your precious substance. He gave it to suck, until she realized that nothing more is left of his delicious jism.

As he pulled her and kissed her, she remembered from the warehouse Todd apparently was not reflected in the taste and smell of his own semen. She felt a hand creeping between her thighs, stroking the sensitive skin, but as it came near her overheated pussy knew she would cum immediately if touched her there. She wanted so badly to make it happen with his penis in her snatch.

“No, Todd. Please do not make me cum with your fingers. I need your fucking wrong. Need your powerful weapon claiming his territory. I have to prick deep in my cock-hungry, vicious, cunt. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Can no longer wait. “

With this last cry astride him. Sheryl took another hard dick in his hand and rubbed the tip against her throbbing clit. She then moved her hips and pressed his head into her sopping wet love tunnel. Sheryl never felt her pussy so sloppy. It is lubricated just thinking about making love with Todd. It was a good thing, as she felt her pussy walls almost stretched to the limit. She stayed that way for a few seconds, then slowly sank down, impaling herself on his huge rod until she felt his large scrotum touched the butt. Sheryl and Todd commented sensational feeling with loud moans and groans.

Feeling her cunt muscles rippling over his shaft, trying to remember if he mentioned his inability to cum in a woman’s cunt fuck him in cowgirl position, and concluded that the Sun OK. That would be a surprise for her new lover. How awesomely hot as it was, she would certainly not stop riding it after only one orgasm. He wondered how many orgasms could endure. She took as much of a sufficient breast in his mouth as he could, and licking hard nipples and then went to his companion.

As an experienced, successful gymnast, he was in high school, he doubted that would win every cowgirl riding competition. Todd was still treating her nipples with his mouth and tongue and began to move and put his hands on her hips. Sheryl raised her bottom, until only the head of his marvelous bird was wrapped in a tight grip of her snatch, then let her weight sink again, slowly. For Sheryl, benefits cowgirl position to be able to control the depth of penetration and the speed of their strokes. She was also able to change the angle moves to its satisfaction, while she was swinging hips back and then forward so that the base of his penis, which was massaging the underside of her clit and her pussy massaged his penis. She was pleased, as a former competitive gymnast, she was able to do it without much effort. It was something her wayward boyfriend would with other women. Fuck him. She’d lost her anal cherry today with Todd.

Lovers were both moaning with pleasure from stimulation. Being in no hurry to finish Sheryl wanted to fondle his penis all the nooks and folds her love hole. She began rocking side and then happily jumping up and down, always make sure his penis is rubbed mainly at the top of her love hole to maximum stimulation to her clitoris. Sheryl was sighing and moaning and gasping, and describes how big his huge cock felt in her pussy. He seemed on the verge of cumming, but unlike sensational feeling in their genitals knew that there was no trigger that would let him cum.

“Sheryl, Honey, let go. Enjoy the pleasure you will receive from orgasm.’m Far from the home stretch,” he said and let it happen.

She happily agreed because she really liked Cumming, and she assumes, as he did not like it, she came several times as long as he could control. She knew from her meeting with him in the store had a good life, but sooner or later lose the battle. She hoped that she could squirt at least twice to give him reasons to be proud of themselves. She wanted to increase his ego. Sheryl was right with his friend, who was displeased when she came only once or sometimes not at all, but with Todd, she was wrong. There was no ego, that are necessary for improvement.

Sheryl uses her agile athletic body to perfection, swinging hips back and forth around his unwavering cock, while at the same time making it up and down strokes stronger and faster. He thought he could feel her clit rubbing over his cock and her moans grew louder.

After several minutes of this, she exclaimed loudly: “Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, God, I’m cumming!” She swung around to avoid her clit loses contact with his penis. Todd got stronger now, into action, knowing that every woman enjoyed Cumming with extra stimulation that prolonged her climax. He grabbed her hips tighter and began pushing her pussy at him, he thrust his penis upwards. Sheryl hips danced wildly at him like he was dancing on the beam. Despite his movements, trying to maintain good contact between them.

She climaxed with erratic maneuvers side. Her screams of excitement let her bite your arm almost hard enough to draw blood, while her overflowing cunt bathed his penis. Then he relaxed on it. Way involuntarily wiggled her hips around, he assumed that he wanted more of it. Sheryl was a little surprised that it was not cum in her wild ride, but he was glad his penis was still difficult. It’s still set in her pussy wait until she was ready to resume fucking.

It really did not take too long. Sheryl moved her body from a relaxed position on him and moved his legs so that they safely crouched in her lap again. She calmly reflected on it and it was a fantastic feeling for both. His penis moved into her hot, heaven, coat effortlessly now. A plethora of juices from her orgasm poured from the place where they were connected. He enjoyed the smell, but regretted that he will not be able to enjoy the delicious taste of the moment.

However, Sheryl totally thought otherwise, and it was ugly thought that he was surprised to the core. She pulled her pussy off Todd’s hard, thick cock. For the first time, when he suddenly forcing her desire to taste it. At the moment when he licked a long, stiff shaft like a lollipop.

She lifted her head for a moment and looking at Todd with a fever in her eyes, whispered: “My pussy tastes so good on your big penis.” He was stunned when she returned to her oral ministrations, licking pussy juice from his balls.

Then she turned and slipped back to him facing his feet. She put her hands on his thighs Todd, comfortable in the reverse cowgirl position. She slid her eager, wet fuck tunnel up and down a slippery pole. He thrust his hips up to meet his thrusts downward while enjoying its beautiful backdrop to this full, round ass, where the buns were slightly spread, first to see her pleasant, twitching asshole. He assumed that she had no idea that her anal training caused her anus twitch excitement opens in a process probably half an inch. What a wonderful sight. He resisted for a while pushing fingers into it. He saved that for later.

In this position, he looked down at her hair trimmed short distance and saw his big cock driving in and out of her luscious cunt.

It moves up and down when pumped hips hissed at him: “Oh, that feels good! Feel that fills me. They beat her g-spot almost every time you go in. Fuck me with your big, hard cock.” She continued to buck up and down like a cowgirl riding Bronco. Ooohhh, it feels sooo good! She knew she was not far from cumming again.

“That’s it. Crap on my hard penis. Want to feel your pussy cum again with me in you. Concentrate on this pleasant feeling my penis plowing through sizzling vagina. This is fantastic, getting your fucking hole maintains its steel rod tight grip. “Todd groaned as Sheryl continue to strongly move up and down his enlarged, fleshy spear. It did not look like it was painstaking in its efforts. He remained on his back, with a focus on the timing of the up-thrust to match her movements. He enjoyed how much he loves his big penis, despite how widely it stretched. He felt his cockhead almost slip and extend its input pussy, he stuck again.



What Did I Get Into? Saturday
I awoke to a small pain in my left arm. I looked up groggily and realized that I had been hit with a full water bottle. Liz was peering over the bed at me and then spoke. “Slave, get up and get me a roll of toilet paper, a large jug and a plastic grocery bag. The jug and grocery bag will be in the kitchen somewhere. You have three minutes, you better not be late.”

“But I can’t move. The handcuffs are stuck around my ankle Mistress Liz.” It was true. Liz had handcuffed me to the bedpost the previous night before I fell asleep.

“Just find a little button on the cuffs and push it, you’ll be released. The cuffs were just to make you stay there. I knew you wouldn’t bother to try to escape.” Liz said. She sounded pleased her little trick had worked. I searched around the cuffs and found the button and freed myself.

“Ok the clock says 6:02, if you aren’t back when it says 6:05 you’ll be punished. Go.” I got up and ran to the kitchen right away. I looked under the sink and found a plastic bag immediately. I started frantically searching for the jug in all the cupboards but I couldn’t find anything. Finally I saw a large bottle beside the fridge. It was right out in the open. I didn’t even notice it. Pissed, I ran upstairs and grabbed a roll of toilet paper and returned to Liz’s bedroom. I read the clock. I was too late. It was already 6:05.

“Well slave, we will make this extra difficult for you.” Liz said. The last person I wanted to punish me was Liz. I could tell by the sly grin on her face it would be something I would hate. I was still a little confused by what I was supposed to bring to her. What were they for? I would soon find out.

“Here’s the deal slave, I have to go to the bathroom, but getting up would be an inconvenience for me. That’s why you’re here, to help any of us avoid inconveniencing ourselves. My problem is I have to take a shit. Your job is to get it all in the bag, you must hoist me up so I can hit the bag. If I sit in any of my own shit I’ll be very pissed. You must also be able to reached my vulva with your tongue and mouth.”

So I had to catch her shit in a bag while I pleasured her. Whatever. I have a dog I pick up after it all the time. Today was different, obviously, but nothing too terrible. The difficult part would be positioning myself so I could put the bag under her and still get access to her pussy. I pulled the blankets off of her to see what I could do.

Liz is a petite girl, barely five feet and thin with small perky tits and skinny legs. She probably didn’t even weight 100lbs. She had on long sleeved, dark purple silk pajama top and matching bottoms. She had short brown hair and it was all disheveled from sleeping.

“I better not get cold slave, I do not want to be inconvenienced in any way.” I quickly put the blankets back over her. “Hurry up and set up before I have to go real bad.”

I decided what I was going to do. I reached under the covers, she was lying face up. I tried to pull down her pajama bottoms but she wasn’t helping me. She wouldn’t lift her ass. So I got my palms up under each side of her ass and lifted her a little with my hands while pulling the pants down below her ass. Her pajamas were really smooth and slippery to the touch. It felt nice. Her body also had that nice warmth from sleeping. I set her down and pulled the pants down to her ankles, where they remained bunched up. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath the pajamas.

I then put my head under the blankets and climbed in. I lifted her legs over me and put my head up through her legs between her knees, so her knees were resting on my shoulders. I then stretched her legs open more so I could put my shoulders through, her legs were now wrapped around my waist. “I’m not comfortable slave.” I had to move fast. I was ducking so I wouldn’t move the blankets around too much. I quickly slid forward, moving from a knelling position to a sitting position so my legs were resting at her sides. My dick was two inches away from her cunt. I then bent over even more, I could see nothing because it was dark under the blankets, but I could smell her scent. I wrapped both my arms under her waist and lifted up her ass and midsection a little bit. I got her up high enough to slip my legs under her. I crossed them at my ankles so my calves formed a support that rested the small of her back. It lifted her ass in the air somewhat. It should be enough for her to take a shit.

I pulled her shirt halfway up her abdomen to keep it out of the way. I then pressed my face right against her stomach , near her belly button, I didn’t want to touch her pussy without permission. I slipped her legs back up so her quads were around my head and her feet and calves rested against my bent over back, which was almost parallel to the bed. Her elevated legs lifted up her ass even more. I reached around and found the plastic bag and positioned it in between my ankles and groin. I held it open there.

“I’m ready, Mistress Liz” I said. It was quite an awkward position we were in at the moment. And I had Liz positioned in a weird spot without her straining a muscle at all. It did feel good to have her naked lower half draped over me, her legs were so soft and, her inner thighs against the side of my head felt like two of the most comfortable pillow I had ever had.

“Ok slave, originally you were supposed to catch my piss in the bucket but you were late, so you will use your mouth.”

“No fucking way” I thought. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think I would have to fucking drink piss. I didn’t even know if I could handle it. Would I gag or puke or what?

“You will put your mouth over my lips, stretch your mouth wide and cover as much area as you can, you better swallow every bit or else you’ll be punished horribly. I’ll start soon.”

I was about to become a human toilet. Fucking unbelievable. But after all I had been through there was no way I could give up and leave the money now. I had no choice but to put my lips against her midsection stretching them wide as possible. I waited for about 10 seconds and then I felt a squirt in my mouth. The piss hit the roof of my mouth hard. It tasted disgusting, the acidity of it was burning the inside of my mouth. The impact against my mouth caused me to pull away from her, and the taste made me gag. I quickly moved back, not missing any urine. Because she was elevated a little it wasn’t going at my throat, I had to let it hit the top of my mouth and land on my tongue before I swallowed.

Apparently that first little amount was a preview because immediately after that she started going again, this one was a long one. I just opened my mouth and took it all in, struggling to not spit it all back out. It tasted terrible, as my mouth got more full the whole thing burned, it was overwhelmingly bad. My mouth was getting pretty full, the urine pooled in the bottom of my mouth. When urine hit the pool in my mouth it sounded like a toilet when you piss into it. She was peeing with a lot of force, it made a constant sound as it smacked into the back of my mouth, it came in so hard it was stinging. Just before the urine would start dripping over my bottom lip I swallowed, the urine burning my throat, my gag reflex was somehow suppressed.

I had to swallow three times before she started slowing down, on my fourth mouthful she started going in small spurts. I felt the bag crinkle, she was shitting now too. I could smell it. I swallowed again and she stopped, but I didn’t move my mouth for fear of missing anything.

“Slave, use your tongue to lap up any urine, then you can move your mouth away. Don’t gag and disrespect what I gave you, you should be happy to serve as my toilet.” I licked up three times to get any excess urine. I moved my lips away and I felt so sick. My mouth and throat were burning, the bitter taste of urine remained there. My mouth was begging for water. My stomach was queasy. I could smell the shit. It was too much. I started gagging violently, holding my throat. I couldn’t stop for 30 seconds.

“Too bad slave, you were doing so well, I won’t punish you directly, but you’ll be receiving some punishment later today anyway,” she said “I’m done shitting, you must keep my ass up while I turn over, you can move the sheets out of the way now too.

I pulled her legs over my head and lay down so her feet rested on my chest. I lifted the sheets. She then rolled over off my legs onto the bed, ass up. I knew what was coming next.

“Wipe my ass slave, I want it spotless. And move the shit bag to the floor for now” Thankfully her shit was pretty clean and required only a few wipes. “Run your finger threw my crack and bring it over here.” I decided to get even with her for the trick she played on me with the handcuffs. Using a finger on the hand that I used to wipe her ass I wiped through and brought a finger from the other hand to her face, she sniffed it. “Smells clean, better lick it slave, just to make sure.” Ha, I knew she would make me prove it, I faked disgust but put the clean finger in my mouth. She bought it, a minor victory for me.

“Here are your orders for the rest of the morning: take the bag of shit and put it in the same bag as your clothes out front. I highly doubt anybody will be out now so you’ll be all right that way. Take this” she handed me a cell phone. “If I need something I’ll just call you from here. After the shit is outside, clean yourself up, wash everywhere thoroughly, then you may do whatever you want, but you must have 3 servings of French toast ready for us at 10:00 am. Clear.”

“Yes, Mistress Liz.” with that she turned and pulled up her pants and curled back up into bed. I took the bag of shit and checked the block, It looked like no one was out at the moment. I sprinted out and put the shit in the garbage bag and came back inside. I immediately went to the upstairs bathroom and rinsed my mouth out with water for at least 10 minutes. When I was confident I had got rid of most of the urine I swallowed a whole bunch of water. I felt a lot better, that disgusting experience was behind me. I took the opportunity to use the toilet myself. I then used that toothbrush to brush my teeth and the mouthwash. I stepped into the shower and cleaned everywhere very well as instructed.

I went downstairs to a couch and fooled around with the cell phone and got the alarm set for 9 and I went to sleep.

I woke up at nine and headed to the kitchen. I got three slices of bread each, I also decided to make myself three pieces hoping no one would find out. I made my meal quickly and ate it. I then went to work on the bacon and hash browns. At 5 to 10:00 I had the three meals on the counter perfectly arranged.

Liz came down and surveyed my work. “Lie down” she said and I did, on my back. She then pressed my arms to my sides and pushed my legs as close together as possible. This squeezed my balls in-between my legs, but Liz saw this and quickly lifted them out so they sat on top of my legs, they looked perched up in that position. I heard cutting and then Liz covered my whole body with cinnamon, she used up the whole container, she did the same with icing sugar, except she didn’t use as much. The whole topside of my body except for my face and some parts of my arms and feet were completely covered with brown and white dust. It felt really weird, a little bit itchy. I knew better than to scratch anything.

She then put all the cinnamon toast on me, but they were cut into small bite size pieces. My arms created a wall to stop the toast from rolling off and my legs formed a crevice to hold more of the toast in.

Just then I heard footsteps on the stairs. Amanda and Britney strolled in, looking half asleep and still in their nighties. “What the…?” Britney mumbled.

“I figured the slave would make a good table, besides if we make a mess he cleans it. NO cutlery allowed. Use your mouths guys.” She then took a whole jug of syrup and pored it all over my body, this felt pretty neat. I think everyone has food fantasies. Feeling the sticky syrup running all over my body was a cool sensation. Liz then kneeled down at my groin, Britney took my chest and Amanda my legs.

They all bent over and started eating the pieces of French toast off me. Liz would take a long lick of the cinnamon and sugar off my body and then eat the French toast. The other two saw that and started to do the same. It felt so awesome to have girls licking my chest and legs and stomach, especially since they all made satisfied sounds as they ate the toast. After they ate all the toast I was told to shower up while they ate their hash browns and bacon. It was a good idea because I was covered in saliva, syrup and powder.

When I came back downstairs the girls were discussing what to do with me next.

“I really want him smooth skin rubbing up against mine, but I don’t want him to get too much pleasure out of it.” Liz stated.

“There has got to be something, I wanna feel him too.” Britney agreed.

“Guys, I got it. Let’s have a wrestling match. 3 on 1.” Amanda said eagerly.

“What? A wrestling match, that sounds stupid.” said Britney. I must admit that it sounded like something I would enjoy, rolling around and rubbing up against three girls, while they did the same with each other sounded awesome, but I had learned that Amanda knows what she is doing and this will probably be more enjoyable for them than for me, but it couldn’t be too bad. At that point I hoped the idea would materialize.

“Hear me out first. We go downstairs and find that plastic that was covering the couch when we bought it. We put that on the floor, we find a way to make a square with stuff lying around so we can hold some kind of oil in there. We then all get oiled up and wrestle, first one to have the other team tap out wins. If he wins he is off duty until tomorrow, if we win he gets some kind of extra punishment.”

“I’m going to trust you on this one Amanda” said Liz, who clearly didn’t sound too enthusiastic.

“Trust me, we’ll have fun throwing him around. You in Brit?”

“Yeah, if you guys are.”

“Great. Ok, one of you run out and buy some oil. Buy tons of it. There is no way we can have too much, remember we want some to pool at the bottom on the ‘arena’. I’ll stay here and start working on the arena.” Amanda said.

“Ok, I’ll go grab some kind of oil. I’ll be back.” Britney said and got up to leave.

“Slave, follow me, we got work to do.” Amanda said as we went downstairs. We arrived in the basement, like the rest of the house, it was nice. I noticed a hot tub was in the corner. The basement was open except for one room behind the stairs. Liz immediately entered. I could see it was for storage. Liz pulled out the plastic covering. “I can’t believe we kept this and that it would come in handy. What are the odds?” said Liz.

“About the same as us about to fight our man-slave.” said Amanda flatly.

Liz laughed and then started to pull out pieces of wood, crates, anything with some weight and solidly built. I was told to bring all the pieces to an open area in the middle of the basement. Amanda started arranging the objects in a big square and made me help. The square was about 15 feet by 10 feet. We then took the plastic sheet and moved it over the whole setup. It went up the sides of the object so no liquid would flow out. Amanda then said that it was dangerous, the objects would hurt people if we fell on them, so she told me to grab all the couch cushions and stuff from the upstairs and bring them down. I did so and we had pretty much enough for the whole arena. Now pillows were between the plastic and the objects, providing pretty decent protection. It was ready to go.

Brit appeared at the top of the stairs. “I got 15 huge jugs of olive oil at the grocery store. It was all they had. The cashier asked me what it was for. I said I just love the stuff. He looked at me like I was insane.”

“Slave, go and get all the oil out of the car while we finalize the rules. I want you to bring all the jugs downstairs. I want you to dump 10 of the jugs into the arena and leave the other 5 beside it. Go.”

I went upstairs and got to the front door when I realized that I would have to go out naked again. I hesitated, thinking maybe Amanda forgot I would be naked and it wasn’t her intention. I heard footsteps on the stairs and decided I would ask her when she came up. “Mistress Amanda, do I…”

“How dare you not complete an order slave? You will be punished immediately. Liz..” Amanda said sternly.

“Slave reach over and grab your ankles.” Liz said commandingly. “Brit stand in front of him, hold his shoulders so he won’t fall over.”

I assumed the position. My ass presented high in the air to Liz and Amanda. My balance was terrible. Britney held me up a little on the bend over, but I could balance myself for now, but I’m sure any impact would knock me over. Hopefully Brit would keep me up.

“Before each hit I want you to beg for it. Say “I’ve been bad, hit me”” said Liz “Beg.”

“I’ve been bad. Hit me” I said, Liz hit me, on my left cheek, hard, harder than Becky the day before.

“I’ve been bad. Hit me” I said as I winced, trying to recover from the last hit. Amanda smacked my right cheek, she hit even harder than Becky. This one caused me to fall forward but Britney was holding my shoulders and allowed me to stay on my feet.

Liz and Amanda took turns spanking me as I begged, alternating turns and cheeks. My ass felt like it was on fire, each slap adding to the pain I felt. On the last turn I could barely muster the strength to speak. Each hit I feel forward causing Britney to support my weight. For the 20th time I said “I’ve been bad. Hit me.” and Amanda did.

“Now do your job slave” Amanda remarked as she and the other two headed upstairs. I slowly headed outside, no one was around at the moment. I went to the trunk and grabbed two jugs, one in each hand. That was all I could carry. They were pretty big. I brought them downstairs and came back for more. I had done 14 of the 15 when I went out for the last when I saw my ex-girl friend drive by just as I stepped outside. She must of saw me because she hits the breaks and came back “What the fuck are you doing Marc? Why does your head say…’Slave?'”

Shit, just what I needed. I figured the best way to do this was to give short answers and get the oil back in the house and I’d be done with her. “I lost a bet.” I said as she approached. I went over to the car and quickly grabbed the last oil. “Bye” I said as I turned away from her to walk back into the house.

“Holy shit” she exclaimed “Look at your ass, you’re not just a house slave or something. You’re a sex slave.”

Fuck! Fucking idiot I am I thought. I just cringed when she said it and continued inside. We did not have a good break up, she would love to burn me on this one. Fuck, I was screwed.

Angry, I took the jugs downstairs and filled up the arena with 10 as I was supposed to. The oil was about an inch deep all the way around the place. I couldn’t help but get excited about this. At least I would have some fun this time, some sexual excitement, even If I would endure some bullshit along the way.

“Slave, get your ass up here.” I headed upstairs into the same room I was in before. “Ok slave, we got everything figured out. We are going to wrestle, no punching, kicking, etc. Only holds, grabs, that kind of stuff is allowed. You win if one of us gives up and we win if we get you to, to give up just yell ‘I give up’ or tap out. We will be wearing swimsuits for this event, we decided it’s probably better to protect your balls a bit too, so here, put this on.” She handed me a small g-string, it stretched when I put it on. My balls and dick were squished in there. The string rode up my ass, but the string wasn’t as uncomfortable or penetrating as I assumed it would be.